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By: Kairos Ventures On: May 1, 2023 In: Actinia, Portfolio News

Kairos Ventures is excited to announce Northwestern Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis’ election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences! The Academy, founded in 1780, draws its membership from luminaries in academia, the arts, industry, policy, research, and science. We are proud supporters of scientist founders who are at the top of their scientific fields. Professor Kanatzidis is one of those bright lights both in academia and entrepreneurship.  Our portfolio company Actinia was founded by Professor Kanatzidis, delivering breakthrough materials that will allow X-ray machines and CT-scans to get the same resolution images with only half of the radiation dose! Actinia is proud to be the vehicle for translating Professor Kanatzidis’ recognized achievements into even greater societal impacts, and Kairos Ventures is honored to support companies like Actinia as they commercialize such important discoveries. Congratulations to Mercouri and all the other 2023 inductees!

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