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Company Summary

Actinia develops technology to detect hard radiation such as gamma rays and X-rays. Perfected over many years of research and development in co-Founder Mercouri Kanatzidis’ laboratory at Northwestern, Actinia’s cutting-edge perovskite-based materials exhibit higher X-ray sensitivity, better gamma-ray energy resolution, and lower production costs than competing materials in the field. These semiconductor materials will facilitate a new generation of detector technologies across the nuclear energy, non-proliferation, and medical imaging sectors.

Year Founded:  2020

Key Executives:
Mercouri Kanatzidis, Co-Founder and President
Duck Young Chung, Co-Founder and Technical Advisor
Josh Palmer, Board Member and Acting CEO

Location:  Evanston, IL


Company Status:   Private

Year Invested:  2020

Investment Status:  Current

Board Member:   Josh Palmer