Automotive News PACEpilot

Automotive News honors Transient Plasma Systems (TPS) as one of its 11 PACEpilot Honorees for their development of an ignition breakthrough that promises fuel efficiency and super-low emissions.

“For 26 years, Automotive News has honored the industry’s best-commercialized innovations with its PACE Awards. This year, a new program, Automotive News PACEpilot, recognizes 11 innovations that have reached a working pilot demonstration phase but are not yet commercialized. These come from traditional and nontraditional automotive suppliers that are relentlessly navigating the future of mobility.” – 11 promising technologies that made the inaugural class, Automotive News

TPS engineers pulsed power systems as an enabling technology for commercial, industrial, and research applications across a broad range of areas including combustion, bio-electrics, and agriculture. Auto News mentions TPS’s ignition breakthrough “promises better fuel efficiency and much lower emissions,” which will “add regulatory compliance life to gasoline and natural gas engines.”

“Obviously, the promise of electric vehicles is very real, and it’s a long-term solution,” observes Dan Singleton, CEO of Transient Plasma Systems in Torrance, Calif. “But we see mainstream market penetration for EVs as a decade or more away. So in our vision, internal combustion engine vehicles need to become cleaner and more efficient now. Our technology uses 10-nanosecond pulsed power to produce transient plasma. And we’ve demonstrated that we can get a more than 20 percent improvement in fuel economy and 50 percent lower [oxides of nitrogen] emissions compared to a conventional ignition system.”

To read more on this, please also see the Auto News article: Transient Plasma Systems ignition breakthrough promises super-low emissions, fuel efficiency.

Congratulations to Transient Plasma Systems for this achievement!

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