By: Kairos Ventures On: June 17, 2019 In: Portfolio News, Tanvas

Kairos Ventures portfolio company Tanvas joined forces with Mimo Monitors to launch the Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch at InfoComm 2019. The 10.1″ touchscreen combines the quality and durability of the Mimo Vue display with TanvasTouch surface haptics, programmable textures and feelings on flat, physical surfaces.  TanvasTouch technology is solid state and software-defined, making it possible to program textures, bumps, edges and collisions that can be felt with a swipe of the finger.

Leveraging the idea that most people are already familiar with how to engage with small interactive touchscreens, the Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch pushes the boundaries for how touch can be utilized, while creating an experience that’s approachable, intuitive, and novel.

The Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch will is available for pre-purchase and will ship in Q3 2019. To purchase or learn more, visit:

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