Actinobac Bioment Inc. - Kairos Ventures Portfolio

We are excited to announce our second investment from Kairos Venture Partners II, L.P., which is also the first investment resulting from our partnership with Rutgers University.

Actinobac logo - Kairos Ventures PortfolioFounded in 2009 and based in Kendall Park, NJ, Actinobac is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutics for multiple indications, including blood cancers, autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, and HIV. Actinobac’s drug candidates are based upon Leukothera® (LtxA), a natural protein that targets and eliminates white blood cells (WBCs) involved in the mechanism of many diseases. Products based upon Leukothera® are being developed by Actinobac for the treatment of leukemia/lymphoma, dry eye, and psoriasis. For the millions of patients who suffer from blood cancers, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory conditions, Actinobac offers new hope because their products specifically target and eliminate the diseased cells. This means greater benefit with fewer side effects. Actinobac’s goal is to not just change lives, but also save them.

“Actinobac Biomed is extremely pleased and grateful that Kairos Ventures has agreed to provide investment funding to support our drug development activities. Their financial assistance will be vital for the advancement of Leukothera, Actinobac’s primary drug candidate into human clinical trials and thereby allow it to eventually become available to and treat patients suffering from hematological malignancies such as leukemia and lymphoma.”
– Benjamin A. Belinka, Jr., Ph.D., CEO and President of Actinobac

Peter Alff, Kairos Executive in Residence, will be joining Actinobac Biomed’s Board of Directors as part of the transaction.

We are very happy for our first Rutgers investment and welcome Actinobac Biomed to the extended Kairos Ventures family.

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