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By: Kairos Ventures On: July 19, 2017 In: 3D Bio, Kairos II, Portfolio News

We are pleased to announce that Kairos Venture Partners II, L.P., our second fund, has made its first investment in 3D Bio Corporation.

3D Bio Corporation Logo - Kairos Ventures PortfolioFounded in 2015 and based in New York, NY, 3D Bio is a leading edge bioprinting company, focusing on therapeutics with near-term clinical applications. 3D Bio Corporation is shaping possibilities – to print what the body cannot heal. 3D Bio seeks a world in which healthy living tissue is no longer in short supply, and to open new paradigms for surgically healing patients. The company was founded by Cornell Professor Larry Bonassar and Columbia Professor Hod Lipson, and a business team of senior McKinsey & Company alumni. The 3D Bio team is anchored by some of the most experienced biotech and device industry executives. This group comprises deep expertise in regenerative medicine and devices, and hails from companies such as J&J and Genzyme. Their clinical advisors are some of the most talented surgeons in the world, and hail from institutions such as the Hospital for Special Surgery, Mayo Clinic, and New York Presbyterian. 3D Bio is guided by big ideas, and approaches science with boldness and a deep sense of social responsibility. 3D Bio exists to improve patient lives, first and foremost.

“With Kairos Venture Partners II our goal is to take the Kairos Method, which has proven so successful through our partnership with Caltech, and extend it to other universities.  We are thrilled that the first company we are funding from Kairos II is a collaboration between Cornell and Columbia, two of our new university partners.”
– Jim Demetriades, Managing Partner & Founder, Kairos Ventures

We are very excited about our first investment out of Kairos Venture Partners II  and would like to welcome 3D Bio to the extended Kairos Ventures family.

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