Jane Goodall Endorses Provivi -Kairos Ventures
By: Kairos Ventures On: October 27, 2016 In: Portfolio News, Provivi

Esteemed primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist Jane Goodall endorses Provivi for its contribution to helping meet the UN’s food production goals without utilizing Earth resources or contaminating soil and water.

Provivi reinvents pest control by utilizing natural pheromones, rather than harmful synthetic chemicals. It protects the food supply without toxic chemicals and enables sustainable food production. The Company works in partnership with nature, using pheromone technology. This revolutionary method does not disrupt the ecosystem or harm the insects, while at the same time being considerably more economical than costs of conventional agricultural methods of pest control.

Provivi places the quality of life for the people and the health of the environment first. Adoption of the Provivi method results in improvement of the quality of life for the farmers and increase of their income. For each acre of commercial farmland, the Company will develop one acre of subsistence farmers at cost and all the sachets of pheromones will be filled by local villagers, thereby providing new livelihood.

You can read more about Provivi and their safe, sustainable and affordable methods for pest control here.

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