By: Kairos Ventures On: January 3, 2020 In: GuRu, Portfolio News

We are excited to announce that GuRu Wireless (fka Auspion), will be unveiling 3 prototypes at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. These prototypes can simultaneously charge multiple electronic devices from afar. GuRu is an innovative leader in millimeter (mmWave) technology. Their highly anticipated Roomba-like, roving robot will provide a glimpse of how all our household digital devices can be charged effortlessly. You can read more about the upcoming unveil on The Verge.

“The time has come to deliver what others have been promising for over a decade. For a technological era that we’ve been calling wireless, we still have a lot of wires in our lives. Today marks the birth of real wireless-ness.” – Florian Bohn, GuRu’s co-founder and CEO

In addition to the robot, GuRu will also showcase a lamp-sized desktop product specifically designed for conference room use with the ability to charge multiple mobile phones simultaneously. The third prototype, also intended for enterprise or industrial applications, is a ceiling-mounted unit that can send power across a room to receiver-equipped smartphones, tablets, laptops, or security cameras over 10 feet away.

GuRu has been in stealth mode since the initial Kairos investment.  This will be the first time they are showing their groundbreaking technology to the general public. If you are planning on being at CES next week, you can visit the GuRu Booth #41558. GuRu has also launched a video explaining the core capabilities of their technology:

Caltech Professor Ali Hajimiri and his co-founders Florian Bohn and Behrooz Abiri developed radiofrequency (RF) systems capable of sending energy over distance, including collecting solar power in space and transmitting the energy wirelessly to Earth. During the past decade, the team developed multiple generations of their novel RF systems, each more integrated and more powerful than its predecessor. Since 2017, GuRu has worked to transform its core technology into commercially viable solutions.

GuRu is currently in the final stages of receiving FCC approval, which should allow the company to bring its first product to market later this year.

Jim Demetriades, the CEO and Founder of Kairos Ventures, has been driving the support for Ali Hajimiri’s lab at Caltech, led the investment in GuRu, and serves on the Board of  the company.

Congratulations to Ali, Florian, Behrooz and the rest of the GuRu team!

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