By: Kairos Ventures On: September 26, 2017 In: Axial Therapeutics, Portfolio News

We’re excited to share that our portfolio company, Axial Biotherapeutics, has been selected as one of FierceBiotech’s Fierce 15 for 2017. The Fierce 15 Philosophy: “We want to see the best science combined with the best and brightest management teams, and we want to see the promise that they hold in their hands has, in this industry built on the all-or-nothing of risk and reward, a genuine chance of being the Next Big Thing.”

Axial is working to treat CNS disorders in a new way—one that doesn’t involve the blood-brain barrier. Instead, the biotech has a three-pronged approach to treat disease through the gut-brain connection. This includes small-molecule and biologic treatments, as well as bacteria-based therapies to modify the gut microbiome and affect changes in the brain.

You can read FierceBiotech’s report about what makes Axial fierce here.

Congratulations to the Axial Biotherapeutics team!

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