Adam Bazih

Executive in Residence

As Executive in Residence at Kairos Ventures, Adam provides management, marketing, financial, and commercialization expertise to Kairos portfolio companies, enabling them to grow, stabilize, and meet critical milestones. Success ultimately begins and ends with focus. Adam works hand-in-hand with company founders and teams, helping them develop and execute upon a strategy, conduct quantitative market analysis, articulate and meet crucial milestones, financial modeling/fundraising, and business development.

Adam is a seasoned executive with nearly a decade of entrepreneurship and investment experience. Adam has both founded, led, and invested in multiple high-tech startups, taking them from inception to large successful exits. Adam’s entrepreneurship abilities were featured in Medgadget and multiple other scientific journals and publications. Additionally, Adam has consulted to numerous Fortune 100 companies on multi-million dollar projects and understands the intricacies of combining IP, technical knowhow with strategy and tacit knowledge to create long-term value.

“I was immediately attracted to Kairos because it is genuinely focused on fostering innovation through basic science. In university labs all around the world amazing research and discoveries are taking place, which have the potential to improve people’s lives and the planet. However, much of the university-based sciences are under-funded and remain dormant in the lab. The word Kairos means “a propitious moment for decision or action.” At Kairos we are called to action, to blend talent, know-how, and investment strategy to propel university ideas from concept to commercial reality.”

Adam received his undergraduate degrees in microbiology and chemistry from the University of Oklahoma Honors College. Adam completed graduate studies in medicine at UCLA, business management/entrepreneurship at Stanford University GSB, and received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Adam Bazih - Kairos Ventures - Executive in Residence