Company Summary

Stoicheia is revolutionizing the way we discover new materials, especially materials fit for specific tasks and able to meet particular and demanding needs. As materials discovered during a certain time define that age, Stoicheia’s technology will discover new materials that will herald the arrival of a new age, where those materials will produce new capabilities and new applications that humanity can only imagine currently. Based on the amazing innovations from Professor Mirkin’s lab at Northwestern University, using a combination of megalibrary synthesis, high-throughput screening technology, and data-driven machine learning, Stoicheia fabricates arrays of nanomaterials with unprecedented, systematic control over size, composition, and shape. In one fell swoop, Stoicheia can synthesize and analyze libraries of 1,000,000 nanomaterials each, sifting through the multidimensional space of size, composition, and nanoparticle shape to find the best material for use in any application.

Year Founded:  2020

Key Executives:
• Chad A. Mirkin, Founder
• Andrey Ivankn, Founder & CTO
• Andrew Mirkin, Director of Business Development
• Jordan H. Swisher, Chief Scientist

Location:  Skokie, Illinois


Company Status:   Private

Year Invested:  2021

Investment Status:  Current

Board Member:
Todd Thomson