Provivi - Kairos Ventures

Company Summary

Provivi’s mission is to provide disruptive chemistry solutions for agricultural, household, and professional pest control that are safe and environmentally benign. Provivi creates safe and sustainable methods for controlling pest populations to protect food supplies and minimize exposure to insecticide residues. This is pest control as nature intended. This natural method harnesses the same pheromone molecules that insects use to communicate. Provivi’s patented technology effectively and dramatically reduces pest populations and minimizes crop damage. In addition, it is safe, easy to use and affordable.

Year Founded:  2013

Key Executives:
• Frances Arnold, Co-founder & Board Member
• Pedro Coelho, CEO
• Peter Meinhold, CTO

Location:  Santa Monica, CA


Company Status:  Private

Year Invested:  2015

Investment Status:  Current

Board Member:
Jim Demetriades