Company Summary

A Water Planet company, PolyCera Membranes develops and markets next-generation membrane technology for industrial wastewater treatment and process separation, setting new standards in performance and total cost of ownership. PolyCera membrane filtration products deliver the highest quality of treatment with unrivaled reliability at the lowest lifetime cost. With 80 completed installations on three continents and an additional 27 trials running on six continents, PolyCera has established a growing global presence in just 18 months since the launch of our award-winning PolyCera ultrafiltration products. Backed by an IP portfolio of 61 patents, they continue to expand the range of applications for their award-winning PolyCera membrane technology to include nano-filtration and chlorine resistant reverse osmosis membranes.

Year Founded: 2013

Key Executives:
• Eric Hoek, Chairman
• Simon Marshall, CEO

Location:  Los Angeles, CA


Company Status:  Private

Year Invested:  2018

Investment Status:  Current

Board Member:  Jim Demetriades