Company Summary

Pinpoint Therapeutics is developing novel cancer treatment options aimed to specifically inhibit autophagy, a key cell survival and treatment resistance pathway in cancer. Pinpoint inhibitors target a recently discovered enzyme in the autophagy pathway called PPT1, which is highly expressed across most cancers. These inhibitors could be applied to a broad range of cancers alone or in combination to overcome therapy resistance. Further development of these compounds towards clinical drug candidates will be undertaken by Pinpoint Therapeutics to determine the clinical utility of this novel treatment strategy.

Year Founded:  2018

Key Executives:
• Christian Peters M.D., Ph.D., CEO
• Ravi Amaravadi M.D., Co-Founder
• Jeffrey Winkler Ph.D., Co-Founder

Location:  Penn Center for Innovation in Philadelphia


Company Status:  Private

Year Invested:  2019

Investment Status:  Current