NVasc Inc. - A Kairos Ventures Portfolio Company

Company Summary

NVasc, Inc. is an early-stage ophthalmology company founded in February 2019 and funded by Kairos Ventures in November 2019. The company is focused on treating the leading causes of blindness through choroidal and retinal revascularization. NVasc has acquired the research rights to growth factors (NVB001 and NVB002) that have been shown to encourage the growth of non-leaking new vessels in the retina and choroid in mouse models of ischemic eye diseases. The company is planning to manufacture NVB001 that can be used in toxicokinetic studies and in early clinical trials in humans.

Year Founded:  2019

Key Executives:
• Dan Schwartz, MD
• Robert Grubbs, PhD
• Napoleone Ferrara, MD
• Barbara Finck, MD
• Marco Zarbin, MD, PhD
• Andrei Manoliu, PhD, JD

Location:  Atherton, CA

Company Status:  Private

Year Invested:  2019

Investment Status:  Current

Board Member:
Alex Andrianopoulos – Board Director