Company Summary

Soft tissue losses from cancer surgery, trauma, and aging are a ubiquitous problem in clinical medicine, affecting millions of patients per year. Injectable soft tissue fillers, such as those used in facial aesthetics are a preferred option over invasive surgical procedures (i.e. fat grafting and free tissue transfer) for reconstruction and rejuvenation. However, limitations of current soft tissue fillers include (1) modest lifting effect, (2) limited duration of reconstructive outcomes, (3) lack of tissue integration, (4) propensity for fibrosis, and (5) inability to deliver cells or drugs for true soft tissue restoration. Therefore, there is an important market opportunity for an off-the-shelf soft tissue replacement that looks and performs like living tissue.

LifeSprout’s first-in-class synthetic, nanofiber-hydrogel composites are formulated to feel like native soft tissues while maintaining an open, porous structure. The team’s preclinical studies in rodent, rabbit, and porcine models demonstrate excellent tissue compatibility and superior tissue integration by permitting host tissue ingrowth. This enables gradual replacement of the filler with native tissue to provide longer lasting restoration while reducing fibrosis and granuloma formation. LifeSprout’s products are also optimized for drug and cell delivery, enabling next-generation applications in tissue regeneration and therapeutics. For the first time, physicians using LifeSprout products can offer their patients immediate restoration of three-dimensional volumes via a synthetic injectable that looks and behaves like natural tissue.

Year Founded:  2015

Key Executives:
• Sashank Reddy, MD, PhD: Co-Founder & CEO
• Hai-Quan Mao, PhD: Co-Founder, Scientific Adviser
• Russ Martin, PhD, Co-Founder & Director of Technology
• Justin Sacks, MD, MBA, FACS, Co-Founder & Clinical Adviser

Location:  Baltimore, MD


Company Status:  Private

Year Invested:  2018

Investment Status:  Current