KMLabs - Kairos Ventures

Company Summary

KMLabs is a technology leader for high power, highest performance femtosecond laser systems, and the market definer for coherent EUV and x-ray sources. KMLabs supplies advanced systems to research, government, and industrial markets. The company’s status within the industry is maintained by advancing ultrafast laser technology via research partnerships and by putting state-of-the-art ultrafast research tools into the hands of leading scientists worldwide. KMLabs is known for rapidly transitioning innovation into new products as well as for manufacturing robust laser systems based on proven technology. KMLabs establishes and maintains strong customer relationships at all stages of development. KMLabs’ lasers have set new performance records, and its strong technical base has resulted in increased commercial revenue and government R&D funding.

Year Founded:  1994

Key Executives:
• Henry Kapteyn, Founder
• Margaret Murnane, Founder
• Daisy Raymondson, CEO

Location:  Boulder, CO


Company Status:  Private

Year Invested:  2016

Investment Status:  Current

Board Member:  Alex Andrianopoulos