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Company Summary

Holoclara is an immunotherapy startup that aims to bring relief to people suffering from autoimmune disorders through the delivery of nematode derived molecules with potent therapeutic properties. Holoclara has been testing these nematode derived molecules with potent therapeutic properties in mouse models, and they have demonstrated therapeutic relief of asthma, type 1 diabetes, and IBD. It has long been known that areas with intestinal roundworms are spared from autoimmune disease (the hygiene hypothesis). This led to the doctrine that roundworms produce immunomodulatory secretions that interfere with the autoimmune disease pathway. One such theory for how this system evolved is that roundworms utilize these compounds to survive immune attack for several hundred thousand years and that humans then co-evolved with these roundworms in a symbiotic manner. The removal of intestinal roundworms only began around the 1900s, which is also when autoimmune diseases arose.

Year Founded:  2017

Key Executives:  Andrea Choe, CEO

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Company Status:  Private

Website: https://www.holoclara.com/

Year Invested:  2017

Investment Status:  Current