Company Summary

FastDetect is a tightly knit group of Caltech scientists, JPL engineers, and business leaders, but at heart, dreamers, envisioning how to alleviate pain and improve our world through innovation, hard work, and clear focus. Today, the obsessive focus is on alleviating pain brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. Tomorrow, FastDetect aims to improve the world through a paradigm shift in testing for pathogens and other ailments. FastDetect will enable this paradigm shift in testing through innovative diagnostic technology, allowing people to know immediately from the comfort, convenience, and safety of their homes, if they are infected to begin with and if so, by what pathogen specifically.

Year Founded:  2020

Key Executives:
• Jim Demetriades, CEO
• Kal Oliai, COO

Location:  Pasadena, CA


Company Status: Private

Year Invested:  2020

Investment Status:  Current

Board Members:
Jim Demetriades
Todd Thomson