Chimera Bioengineering

Company Summary

Chimera Bioengineering is a biotherapeutics company building RNA based gene regulatory systems for chimeric antigen receptor CAR-T cell therapeutics with greater efficacy against solid tumors and superior safety. Co-founded by renowned synthetic biologist, Professor Christina Smolke, of Stanford University, Chimera leverages the combination of synthetic biology and immunotherapy, to widen therapeutic windows, expand treatment to cancers with unmet needs and create therapies that restore and maintain patient dignity. Chimera’s differentiated RNA based technologies enable conditional, real-time control over CAR-T solving the critical challenges of safety and potency while extending persistence and efficacy. Chimera is a resident at JnJ’s prestigious JLABS incubator in South San Francisco and has the support of StartX, the Stanford affiliated accelerator and Illumina Accelerator.

Year Founded:  2015

Key Executives:
• Vlad Hogenius, CEO
• Ben Wang, Co-Founder
• Gus Zeiner, CSO, Co-Founder

Location:  South San Francisco, CA


Company Status:  Private

Year Invested:  2017

Investment Status:  Current