Company Summary

Behavioral Signals develops technology to analyze human behavior from recorded speech. Using the callER analytics suite, their flagship product, enterprises can track emotions and behaviors in calls or live interactions and get a complete view of related key performance indicators. Their award-winning emotion recognition and behavioral analytics technology utilizes cognitive modeling and advanced machine learning algorithms. Behavioral Signals understands not only what is being said but how it is being said, the emotions, intentions, state-of-mind and behaviors of each person. Their technology leverages huge amounts of data and using statistical models they can provide valuable data-informed business insights.

Year Founded:  2016

Key Executives:
• Rana Gujral, CEO
• Alexandros Potamianos, CTO
• Shri Narayanan, Chief Scientist

Location:  Los Angeles, CA


Company Status:  Private

Year Invested:  2016

Investment Status:  Current

Board Member:
Todd Thomson