Our Team

The People Behind Kairos

The Kairos Ventures team comprises a group of entrepreneurs who have built, managed and sold companies in a variety of industries, from software to hospitality to luxury goods. Collectively, we have over 100 years of experience in building successful businesses and we leverage this experience to help our portfolio companies flourish.

Jim Demetriades - Kairos Ventures
Jim Demetriades

Managing Partner, Founder

Jim Jeffs - General Partner - Kairos Ventures
Jim Jeffs

General Partner

Alex Andrianopoulos - Chief R&D Officer - Kairos Ventures
Alex Andrianopoulos

Chief R&D Officer

Kairos Ventures - Andreea Boier - Chief People Officer
Andreea Boier

Chief Talent Officer

Carol Kachmer - Chief Financial Officer - Kairos Ventures
Carol Kachmer

Chief Financial Officer

Nikos Iatropoulos - Head of Operations - Kairos Ventures
Nikos Iatropoulos

Head of Operations

Travis F. Blake PhD

Principal, Physical Sciences

Peter Alff - Executive in Residence - Kairos Ventures
Peter Alff PhD

Executive in Residence

Adam Bazih - Kairos Ventures - Executive in Residence
Adam Bazih MD

Executive in Residence

Peter Czer - Kairos Ventures
Peter Czer

Investment Associate

Adnan Husain - Investment Associate - Kairos Ventures
Adnan Husain MD JD

Investment Associate

Pascal Krotee - Investment Associate - Kairos Ventures
Pascal Krotee PhD

Investment Associate

Andrew Lewis - Investment Associate - Kairos Ventures
Andrew Lewis

Investment Associate

David Medovoy - Investment Associate
David Medovoy PhD

Investment Associate

Chris Del Vecchio - Legal Associate - Kairos Ventures
Chris Del Vecchio JD

Legal Associate

Danielle Walker - Manager, Universities Relations - Kairos Ventures
Danielle Walker JD

Manager, Universities Relations

Shahed Akhund - IT Manager - Kairos Ventures
Shahed Akhund

IT & Facilities Manager

Richard Lynch - Staff Accountant - Kairos Ventures
Richard Lynch

Staff Accountant

Veronique Moleres - Kairos Ventures
Veronique Moleres

Executive Coordinator